How Can I Start My Website?

Starting your own website is not as difficult as it seems. The experts at keepHoster will make sure that you are able to get the website that you always hoped for. Our experience and success with numerous clients ensures that we have you covered completely when it comes to starting a website from scratch.


Having a Unique Domain is crucial for the success of a website as it essentially serves as the address for your website. We will come up with a unique domain name for your website, making sure that browsers are easily able to locate it.


Our hosting service is among the best there is. Hosting is an essential part of making sure that your website has a good presence on the internet. KeepHoster will give you all the service and technology necessary to keep your website afloat on the internet successfully.


Once we are able to determine the perfect domain name and hosting service for you. Our final step will be to ensure that all of the important details that are crucial for making a successful website are in proper place.Everything starts from the reasonable amount of just

All Starts from Just

only $1.75/MO

Choose Perfect Package for you ARKAHOST providing best and cheap web hosting packges

Standard hosting

This standard hosting package is nominally priced and will be perfect for you if you are on a lower budget.

  • – Free Domain name
  • -Free SSL Certificate
  • – Free SSL Setup
  • – Marketing & SEO Tools
  • – Service Uptime 99.9%

Starting at just $17.25/Yr

Wordpress hosting

Our plan for WordPress hosting is extremely efficient, simple, and convenient. It is user-friendly and allows you to make different customization to your website according to your needs.

  • – 2 Core CPU
  • – 2 GB RAM
  • – 5 GB Storage
  • – Unlimited Email Accounts
  • – Free Domain “.com”

Starting at just $8.15/month

Cloud hosting

Our supreme cloud hosting package will be great for you if you are looking to control a very big website. Management of resources, data mirroring, and integrated caching are among a few things that make our cloud hosting feature so great.

  • – Free Domain name
  • – Core CPU 2
  • -RAM 2 GB
  • – Unmetered Monthly Data Transfer
  • – Unmetered Storage
  • – Single Domain

Starting at just $1.75/month

cloud hosting

Dedicated hosting

Our dedicated hosting plan is perfectly priced and assures that you get top notch hosting service for your website. Dedicated hosting will give you control, flexibility and extreme power.

  • – Free Domain name
  • – CPU Intel Xeon 2.5GHz
  • – Cores 4
  • – RAM 4GB DDR3 RAM
  • – Disk Space 1TB HDDx2 RAID 1

Starting at just $1.75/month

Why choose our web hosting?


We make sure that your site has maximum protection by updating it on a regular basis.

Daily Backups

We make sure that we have day to day backups of your WordPress website.

Server Level Protection

Keep hoster promises to make the necessary fixes at a server level in case any problem occurs.

Account Isolation

Our web hosting promises to ensure that your website is always safe despite the presence of accounts that are vulnerable

Unlimited Email Addresses

You have the freedom of creating as many email addresses as you want.

Free 24×7/365 Support

Our customer service representatives are always present to answer to any queries that you might have.

Optimized Software

We have top of the line optimized software that ensures that your website does not face problems.

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied, simply cancel within 30 days.

WebSite Pakckages We offer the perfect web designing and web development services.

Website Packages

Choose Perfect Plan



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best value


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Hosting (one year)

Free Domain Registration (one year)

Disc Space




Content Management System

Social Media Integration

Standard Plugins & Widget

Mobile & Tab Responsive

Number of Webpages




Search Engine Optimization

Designed Graphics

Payment getway

E-Commerce System

Social Media Accounts Set-up

Email Account Creation



3-Months Maintenance

24/7/365 Support

$449.00 Regularly $500.00
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$799.00 Regularly $820.00
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$1449.00 Regularly $1700.00
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How you can secure your online website today

Using SSL to Secure your website SSL Certificates
  • Commodo SSL
  • Positive SSL
  • EV SSL
    Starting at Just $9.48/Yr only.
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Create your website backups. Code Guard
  • Unlimited Databases.
  • Automatic Backup.
  • Full Website Restores Per Month.
    Starting at Just $1.18 only.
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Do You Accept Pakistani Rupees?

Yes, KeepHoster does accept Pakistani currency, Pakistanis are more than welcome to pay their currencies through a variety of different means.

Can we Pay through Credit Card?

Absolutely, KeepHoster does accept credit card payments. You are free to pay for our services through credit cards.

Can we Pay through Pay Pal?

Why not? KeepHoster does accept payment through Pay Pal making sure that you have complete ease for making your payments.

Can we Transfer money through our Bank account?

Yes, KeepHoster gives you the freedom of paying through your bank account. We also accept payments through Omni money transfer.

What more we offer

Increase Your Website and Brand Presence with our Proficient SEO Services

The SEO experts at keep hoster are proficient in making your brand instantly recognizable in a variety of search engines through their SEO prowess.


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Make Your Brand Identifiable with KeepHoster’s Logo design

The experts at keepHoster have years of experience in designing logos that are attractive and immediately make your brand recognizable to the audience.


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We will also facilitate you with E-commerce solutions

Keep hoster promises to take your buying and selling experience online to another level by adding its own distinctive touch to it.


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Spread Brand Awareness with our Social Media Marketing Services

KeepHoster is proficient in all forms of social media. We will market your brand on social media and spread it like wildfire, making sure that everybody gets to lay their eyes on it.


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Website/Blog-post Handling and maintenance

We are fully aware of the fact that websites and blog posts can tend to be too technical and difficult at times for some people. Even in cases where people are fully aware of handling technical problems of their websites and posting blogs regularly, they simply do not have enough time.


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Secure-Fast-Reliable Shared Hosting

All hosting features used tempalte

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Trust Partner your Choice Reseller Hosting

All hosting features used tempalte

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Storing Resources Cloud Hosting

All hosting features used tempalte

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Make sure that your website goes online today

KeepHoster will wastes no time in making sure that your website is able to go online as soon as possible


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