Privacy Policy

Keep hoster has the utmost respect for your privacy. This is why we only collect the date that we deem to be important, to make sure that we are able to provide you with top notch services every time.  Mentionedd below are the things that constitute as personal data.

– Email adress

– Date of birth

– Telephine number

– Adress

– Name

Any other data that could identify you indirectly or directly

The purpose of our privacy policy is to explain to you why and how we use and collect your personal data. You will also get to know about how you will be able to control and access your personal data that we have in our possesion.

You may reach our team any time you want to if you have any queries about your rights and our practices. We will be more than happy to proide you adequate and satisfactory answers.

Collection of Information

As mentioned before. The purpose behind collecting personal information is to make sure that ewe are able to provide you with the best services and products possible. We collect your personal data directly when you

– Make and account for purchasing any service or product that we are offering

– have any query from our ever present support team

– request newsletters, fill out forms, or complete any other information that we request from you.

– Take part in surveys and contests, enroll yourself in activities, send your information for a job etc

Most of the information that we have comesdirectly from you. However, there are other parts of your information that we recieve that most of you might not know that we have. Let us discuss how we recieve it below.

Supplemented data

In addition to you, there are numerous other sources from wher we recieve supplemented data. Third parties or publicly available databases are the main sources from where most of the supplemented data is recieved.  This data and your preexisting data proves to be useful to us in making sure that we are accurately able to analyze your requirements and deliver according to it.

Usage of Services Data

It may not be obvious to you, but you provide us this data when you are interacting and using our services. Settings, browser type, IP addresses, social me4dia plugins, type of device, device settings, unique identifiers etc are mostly present in this information.

Cookies and technology similar to it

The cookies present in keep hoster are able to collect different kind of data like device type, purchased items, log files, meta data etc. We are able to offer you products relevant to your needs through this information. Our other technologies may also find out where you are located, which proves to be greatly helpful for ous in personalizing our services.

Utilizing Infformation

We here at keepp hoster are firm believers of only coollecting data when it is extremely crucial. We do  not intend you to use your data for any other reason than using it for your own betterment. As mentioned countless other times, the only reason why we collect some of your personal data is to enhance, update, and improve upon the services that we offer to you.

Some other reasons behind our purpose for collection personal information.

– Processing payments from credit cards

– Advertising

– Conducting surveys and tests

– Analyzing our services

– Communication with our customers

– Managing customer relationship


We communicate with our customers directly. Sometimes we also make use of third party services to get in touch with our customers.  The purpose for our contact is solely to get feedback from our customers and make them aware about  valuable services that we are offering.

Third Part Websites

Third party links may be present on our website. We do not take any responsibility for their content and privacy policy.

Deleting, Updating and Accessing your data

Enter account settings if you are looking to delete, access or update your data.  You can also get in touch with our representatives to find out how you can manage this task with ease.