Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions that are mentioned down below are an agreement between
keephoster.com and you. The purpose of this agreement is to set general rules and terms for
the use of services and products that keepHoster has made available. You agree to be bound by
this agreement once you decide to use any of the services or products that keepHoster has to
offer. You do not have the authorization of using the products and services made available by keep
hoster if you do not agree with the terms and conditions.
The privacy policy also governs the Terms and conditions which is why it is crucisal that you
abide by it before using keep hoster’s services and products.

Eligibility for an Account

By using the services or registering yourself at keephoster.com you pledge that
1. You are above the age of 18 years. Anyone who tries access keepHoster below the age of
18 will be in violation of the agreement.
2. In case you are using the conditions and terms on a third party’s behalf, you agree that you
have complete authorization for binding that party to the agreement set by keep hoster.
3. You undertake the responsibility of entering all of your information in keep hoster’s
registration form with complete honesty. This also includes the email address that you will be
entering for registering yourself. We will use the primary email id that you provided us in case
anything goes wrong. Therefore, it is crucial that the information that you provide us is
completely accurate. Keephoster will not be held responsible for any service delay if the contact
information that you provide is inaccurate or outdated. You should immediately get in touch
with our support team if you want to alter or change your contact information at any time. Keep
hoster has full authority of terminating your account if the information you provide turns out to be
false. You will need to provide keep hoster with a credit card scan or government identification if
you purchase a dedicated server. Your order will be cancelled or denied if you fail to provide
the necessary information.
3. You are solely responsible for all the actions that occur from your account. No one but you is
responsible to maintain the confidentiality of your password and any info that is present in or
relates to your account.

Keep Hoster Content

With the exception of the content provided by the users. All of the content present on keep
hoster’s platform including pictures, video, logos, designs, audio, software and numerous other
files are keep hoster’s proprietary property or the property of their licensors. You do not have the
authority to reproduce, display, sell, modify, alter, frame or distribute any of keep hosters
proprietary property. Keep hoster will be completely within its rights to terminate any of its
services being provided to you.

User Content

1. You can upload, display, publish, distribute, share and store content on the user website.
However, you have sole responsibility for the content that you share. By sharing your content
you agree that you have the rights that are necessary for anything that you share.
2. Keep hoster is not responsible for any content or information that passes through the
computers or devices that keep hoster owns. No user content is specifically monitored by keep
hoster. However, keep hoster may or may not remove the content provided by you on its
platform in case it has to take any corrective measures.

Third Party Services and Products

In case keep hoster provides any services and products belonging to a third party, the terms
and conditions of the third party will be applicable for those products. The providers from the
third party will be fully within their rights in adding limitations and restrictions to their products.
Therefore, we would recommend you to confirm the third and party’s terms and services before
ou proceeds any further with their products and services. Additionally, the quality and services of
third party providers are not guaranteed by keep hoster.

Service Compatibility

You agree complete cooperation with keep hoster with its provision of service. You are
responsible for providing any necessary software and/or equipment that may be needed for
providing adequate service. Subject to rules, regulations and applicable laws, the payments that
keepHoster will receive will first apply to outstanding invoices in your account for billing.
Users are responsible for backing up all of their content. Keep hoster will not bear the blame for
loss of any content whatsoever.

Billing Info
1. Late Payment
You should clear all of your invoices within ten days from the due date of the invoice. You may
be terminated or suspended if you do not clear the invoice within ten days. Customers who have
outstanding payment will not be allowed to apply for any plans or packages until they clear their

You are solel6y responsible for making sure that everything is up to date as far as your payment
information is concerned. You comply with keepHoster agreement that all payments will be
made in advance before the provision of respective services.

Law Enforcement Disclosure
Keep hoster may disclose your information to law enforcement in case of lawful request. Keep
hoster aims to fully cooperate with agencies related to law enforcement.

Changes in Agreement
Keep hoster has the right to make modifications, change, or/and delete any part of the
agreement at any time it wishes to. We will notify everyone about the changes by posting a note
on the website for a month (maybe more). These changes will become effective as soon as they
are made unless instructed otherwise,